1 Year of ROTTENSWAP Roadmap

An Undead Yield Farm Unveils an Exclusive NFT Airdrop for Rotten Degenerates

Rottenswap’s diabolical plan to use its customized snapshot voting system to deploy verifiably random airdrops every week until Halloween

1 Year of #Rottenswap #54, featuring Alec Baldwin as “Blake” in the classic American drama “Glengarry Glen Ross” (1992)

The time has come for cryptocurrency projects, protocols and yield farms to step aside and let ROTTENSWAP — The King of DeFi Halloween — handle business for a while.

CryptoHydrate, the Cryptkeeper of ROTTENSWAP DOT ORG, has spent 2021 quietly assembling a team of degenerate NFT artists to make this Halloween the most memorable ever.

The new 1 Year of Rottenswap NFT series features 90 NFTs from 3 different artists — HahaWomanChild, BTC_Minimalist and JeoiReqi. Each NFT has rarity traits, which can be viewed on Opensea under the Properties tab.

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Enter the Crypt with Caution

If you do not agree with the following terms and sign your name in blood, please do not proceed. The blood thing will be handled after the airdrop.

  1. You need to have some moderate knowledge of DeFi. Anyone coming into the Telegram channel asking too many questions will be deported to Siberia.
  2. Don’t expect ROT to go up or the NFT to be worth anything. RottenToken only dumps.
  3. Our developer died of COVID so don’t expect any development stuff. Nothingburger NFTs only.

How to Participate in the Halloween NFT Airdrop

  • To qualify for the 4 ROTTENSWAP airdrops, you must hold 100k $ROT and be able to access Polygon on that wallet. Instructions for Metamask.
  • Official ROT contract on Ethereum: 0xd04785c4d8195e4a54d9dec3a9043872875ae9e2
  • Use custom slippage. Add 2.5% to the estimated price impact or your transaction will fail.
  • Your ROT can be farming, in LP tokens, or in your wallet. ROT balances held on the Harmony blockchain do not count for the airdrop.
  • You must vote on the Rottenswap Snapshot page during the designated time frames. (Details below)
  • You can verify that ROT is integrated on Snapshot by using this link:
  • https://snapshot.org/#/?q=rotten
Nurse Rottie in 1 Year of Rottenswap #31

Airdrop #1 — HahaWomanChild’s ROTTIE NFT: (25 tokens)

  • Voting period September 8–16
  • Snapshot period September 17–19

Enter the drawing for the ROTTIE NFT here.

Mark Cuban featuring the rare “100m valuation” eyes trait in 1 Year of Rottenswap #44

Airdrop #2 — BTC_Minimalist’s Mark Cuban NFT: (9 tokens)

  • Voting period September 19–30
  • Snapshot period October 1–3

Enter the drawing for the Mark Cuban NFT here.

Billy Bob Buttcrack destroys his ego in 1 Year of Rottenswap #69

Airdrop #3 — JeoiReqi’s David Palmer NFT (23 tokens)

  • Voting period October 4–14
  • Snapshot period October 15–17

Enter the drawing for the David Palmer NFT here.

Alec Baldwin has his hands on the sweet Glengarry leads in 1 Year of Rottenswap #62

Airdrop #4 — BTC_Minimalist’s Alec Baldwin NFT (7 tokens)

  • Voting period October 18–28
  • Snapshot period October 29–31

Enter the drawing for the Alec Baldwin NFT here.

Mark Cuban celebrates another MaveROTS victory in 1 Year of Rottenswap Gentlemen’s Club NFT #50

$ROT Whales ONLY — VIP Gentlemen’s Club Airdrop:

  • Hold 1m ROT to participate.
  • Voting period September 8–23
  • Snapshot period 9/24–9/30
  • Tokens 47–51, 60, 61, 82
  • Holders of these NFTs are eligible for random airdrops of OG ROT NFTs and new releases from the community.

Enter the drawing for Gentlemen’s Club NFTs here.

The Rotten Chef gives his NICEEE seal of approval in 1 Year of Rottenswap Gentlemen’s Club token #82. Bellissimo!

The Art of the Airdrop

  • The mystery snapshot day will be announced beforehand.
  • The clock will strike midnight UTC on snapshot day.
  • The amount of people who voted for an NFT will be tallied.
  • The blockhash for Ethereum blocks after midnight will be converted from hex to decimal and then used to calculate each winner randomly using a Modulo equation. (converted blockhash % # of winners) Example.
  • The amount of blocks used will correspond to the giveaway. So, if there are 9 tokens, 9 Ethereum blocks will be used to select winners.

President’s Club NFTs Charitable Auction

1 Year of Rottenswap tokens 45–46 are exclusive Donald Trump President’s Club NFTs. They offer the benefits of the Gentlemen’s club, as well as an additional mystery tier. These will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on OpenSea on Halloween night, with the proceeds of the sale going to Conscious Impact, an organization with a proven and verifiable track record of many years of low overhead charitable work, including pioneering sustainable building methods and agriculture practices in Nepal.

Donald Trump President’s Club NFTs

The Artists:

HahaWomanChild started making NFTs for ROTTENSWAP early in January. Her art has been the face of the Rottenswap Twitter account.
BTC_Minimalist is the original ROTTENSWAP NFT OG.
JeoiReqi has been one of our most active ROTTEN artists, minting ROT NFTs on multiple blockchains.

Good Luck!

1 Year of Rottenswap’s Halloween nothingburger NFT extravaganza will go down in history as the most legendary DeFi event ever. We wish the best of luck to all participants. Keep it light, share some rotten memes, and if you’re new to ROTTENSWAP, make sure to add the ROT sticker pack and explore all of the fun / commands in the Telegram chat, including:

  • /rotme (memes)
  • /rot or /maggot (check prices)
  • /chartsupply (see the amount of rot burned and deflation chart)
  • /arb (see how low the price of Rot and Maggot are on the rugged Harmony pools)
  • /twitter or /biz (check the latest action on social)
1 Year of Rottenswap #70 featuring David Palmer

Billy Bob Butt-FAQ:

How can I contribute more to the community?

  • Have fun in the Rottenswap telegram.
  • Get active on Twitter, follow ROTNFT, support and share our posts and use hashtags $ROT, #ROTTENSWAP
  • Create 4chan posts
  • Send a DM directly to Telegram users The REAL Greggzilla (Greggzillaman) and Legend (TheBootBybit) encouraging them to participate

I got an NFT I don’t want. How can I securely trade it with another user?

Does impermanent loss cause the ROT in my LP tokens or farm tokens to decrease in number if the token goes up?

Yes — If ROT begins pumping you may need more ROT to maintain the 100k needed to qualify.

What if I have a ROT balance on Harmony?

There will be a separate incentive for VenomDAO early adopters and participants on Harmony from ROTTENSWAP during the VenomDAO 1 year celebration.

Is Metamask required to vote?

No. You can use any of the wallets listed in the picture to the below, but remember, you must be able to access the MATIC network via that wallet to redeem your NFT.

Where is Tim Templeton?

Tim was last seen recently, scolding us in April for porting ROT to Harmony — he checked in frequently to ensure the mint and contract ownership was renounced. Theories on his whereabouts since include a yacht, dead from COVID, or overdosed on heroin. Many have been accused of being Tim, including the shadowy Bill Drummond, Andre Cronje, Harry Lovestein, and even your very own CryptoHydrate.

Is there any further development for Rot?

The Rotten Chef is alive and well in the kitchen, cooking up plenty of rotten sushi and nothingburger NFTs for your dining pleasure. Our admin Manonthemoon is checking into the possibility of deploying Rot on Arbitrum, but we do not have contract keys or access. We don’t want to promise anything, though. This is probably as good as it’s getting.

Are the contracts safe?

All liquidity for $ROT is added by the community, there is no developer liquidity. The Rotten contract, and associated projects like Sushi, have not experienced any kind of breach. Nor has the Harmony bridge been impacted by any kind of exploit. Users should still proceed at their own risk and assume that the ROTTENSWAP is a dangerous project with whales and fudmins (mostly Rewlboy and David Palmer) that could potentially dump their sizeable bags on your heads at any time. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

No employees from Fiverr were harmed (or hired) in the making of this rotten production.

CryptoHydrate is a rotten degenerate, loyal Rottenswap admin, writer and cryptocurrency researcher. The ROTTENSWAP medium account is a platform for DeFi satire and is for entertainment purposes only.